Writing a Novel Part 1: Genre

Gabby's How to Write Blog SeriesA good friend of mine has been wanting to write a novel for some time now but is unsure on how exactly to go about writing one. Through text messages, she asked me how I go about writing a novel. Instead of going into it via text because it could become a very long conversation, I decided I would do a blog series. Today’s post will be on how to begin.

The very first step in writing a novel is to figure out what genre you want your novel to be. There are many different ones to choose from. Do you want it to be science fiction? Or perhaps a contemporary novel? Or maybe even a contemporary romance or just plain romance? Or what about YA? Or historical fiction?

It is best to know ahead of time what genre category you want your novel to fall into because some will require more research than others. For example, science fiction and historical fiction require more research than say a romance novel.

Join me next Tuesday for the next post in the series: Setting. Let me know in the comments down below what genre you want your novel to be.

8 thoughts on “Writing a Novel Part 1: Genre

  1. I am eagerly waaaaaaiting tooooooo I have chosen English historical fiction novel. So something similar to like Julie Klassen/Nancy Moser/Carrie Turansky/Tracie Peterson/Judith Miller books šŸ“š thanks so much for starting! I will comment on each series to help me get through!


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